Five Tools to work with PDF Online

There are various tools used to convert PDF to word online. This depends on the user preference and the extent to which they wish to use a specific tool. One of the best converter software available for free is known as the It provides several tools to execute the operations. This article will describe some of these tools and how they operate to ensure proper conversion of PDF files to the document in question.

Merge PDF

This is a tool used to combine multiple PDF files into one document. It does not require one to sign up because it's available online. It's a secure tool to use that give any user confidence. For instance, after uploading the document for merging, it will permanently delete from the server in one hour. The tool works well with all the available operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Mac. Since the servers process the documents using the cloud, any PDF created and merged will not use your computer's capacity storage, enhancing reliability and user-friendliness.

Compress PDF

Compress PDF is a tool used to reduce the size of one's PDF files to an extent of 144 dpi and generate perfect quality results that can be uploaded concisely to the web or even when using the email. The tool enhances 100% security by deleting all the information uploaded within one hour of its activity. An authorized party can access no data during and after the upload.

Besides, it’s very easy to compress the file and it’s compatible with a variety of operating systems, including Mac, Windows, and Linux. The compression process is also very simple. You only need to drag and drop the PDF file in the box and give it a few minutes to compress.
A message will appear that the compression is complete and provide the option for download.

Split PDF

The split tool is used to divide the PDF files or pages into smaller pieces than the original document. The tool operates as a two-click separation process where one can split the file as needed, for instance, picking selected pages from the document and extracting them simultaneously. The fact that the tool is compatible with different operating systems makes it easy for many people to use it and get quality results. It's also an affordable online software compared to other premium software and does not use any of your computer storage capacity. This is because the process is carried out using cloud, whether splitting, extracting, or deleting any document.

Word to PDF

This is one of the best and free online tools under to work with word online. The user will only be required to have the files supported by (DOC, DOCX, or ODT) to enable conversion. One will only need to drag the file to the conversion drop box and wait for the conversion to take place automatically. Once complete, a message will alert you and give you the option to download the new PDF document.

PDF Password Protect

The Password protect tool is used to secure PDF documents with passwords such that no unauthorized personnel can access any of your files. When choosing a password, it's important to restrict usage per the options given, such as restricting from printing, modifying, or copying any content until authorized.

The process is an easy one and requires the user to upload the file in the dropbox, enter the Password of choice and repeat it for confirmation.

It will prompt for the restrictions on what to use a password once more. When all this information is inputted, the process starts by clicking start, and the Password protection is effected.

Working with PDF online has many advantages; some of them is that most of the tools used are extremely free, secure, and have a high accuracy level.