How Online OCR can speed up your Workflows

The world today has evolved from analog to digital. Just a click of a button now simplifies most of the tasks. The use of systems like computers, mobile phones, among other devices, is the simplest way to demonstrate online work. Optical character recognition has a rich history dating back to the 1920s. This tool was developed by a physicist Emanuel Goldberg who invented the machine capable of reading characters and converting them into telegraph codes. The old versions required training with images of each character and unfortunately worked on one font at a time. Currently, OCR can convert images of typed, printed, or handwritten text into machine-coded text. A high degree of recognition accuracy for most fonts are now common with advanced systems. Moreover, this tool is also widely used in data entry, especially in passport documents and bank statements production.

This tremendous usage of systems has increased production and profits in almost equal measure. As a way of communication, the devices used must contain software that enables users to communicate and mitigate the risk of losing data, useful information, or resource.

One of the most widely used application is Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Typically, most of us are limited by the number of languages that we can confidently use to communicate effectively. This limitation is a barrier to effective working across a broad spectrum. With the use of online OCR, this has become easy. Over 46 languages, including Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, German, Afrikaans, are supported. Besides, Online OCR can convert a scanned PDF and images like JPG, TIFF BMP, and GIF into versions that can be edited with ease.

To recognize text from images, one needs to select the source like your device or the net and drag it on the page. After dragging it, select the languages used and chose the desired output language and format. After selecting, all you need to do is click on the convert or recognize button. One of the most important things to note is that you need not download and install the software on your device. All you need is to work on the online software. This makes the cost of working to low and hence increase profits. You can convert from one language to another makes working with foreign languages easier and enhance workflow. There is no greater joy than to know that all communication channels are open within the workplace and even beyond. Another crucial thing to note is that there is no registration required with online OCR; neither are download limited. These facts sound too good to be true. The fact of the matter is that your data is not only secure but also safe. Moreover, all your files will be removed from the server when you are done.

Interestingly, online OCR is capable of recognizing mathematical equations besides multi-language recognition. In a situation where the pages are poorly photographed or scanned, online OCR still supports low-resolution images. By all means, this makes the online OCR a wonderful tool in speeding up your workflow.

It is also important to note that you can display and process the results in different ways. These include publishing online, editing in Google Docs, copying to clipboard, and downloading as an ordinary file. With the array of these results or output, you have more than what you bargained for using Online OCR. Online OCR creates an exceptional working environment that enhances productivity.

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