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Do you regularly work with documents and get them online? PDF is common and the most popular format to share the documents on the internet. It supports a complex layout and is very useful for files with images and scientific documents with lots of formulas. However, it is impossible to edit a PDF file without specific software. For this purpose, Microsoft Word files (.doc, .docx) are much more convenient. You can edit everything, add or delete the information, or change the text formatting.

At the same time, it's not easy to export the information from PDF file to a Word document. When you manually copy and paste the information, you will lose the layout and text formatting. Try our PDF to Word converter. It will make you convert any PDF into DOC or DOCX documents. Here are some of its benefits.

Our tool is one of the most modern online converters on the market: Obviously, there is a lot of PDF to Word converters. However, our converter uses modern algorithms and tries to provide the best results on the market

Intelligent algorithms: The converter uses complex and intelligent algorithms to convert your documents. It will cope with even with very complex documents.

The converter extracts images, formulas and formulas out of the PDF and add them to the Word document without any losses. Most other converters on the market fail here.

Performs extremely well on scientific articles. As such articles have a lot of formulas and complex formatting, the converter is the best solution to work with them.

Free. The platform is completely free to use, without any hidden charges

Enjoy our online PDF to Word conversion service which delivers a good result in seconds! With the help of our tool, converting files really becomes ridiculously easy. Try it and you will like it. Further advantages are:

  • We safely store your files: We care about privacy. All files will be permanently deleted from our servers in an hour.
  • Available for all platforms: Our PDF to Word converter works on all computers, whether it's Mac, Windows or Linux. In addition, it supports all the modern mobile devices.
  • Magic transformation in the cloud: We have a lot of servers in the cloud, with nothing left but to convert PDF to Word. Therefore, you can lean back, and let them work.
  • How to convert PDF to Word: Take your PDF and upload it to our platform by dragging or clicking a button. Then wait for the conversion and you can download the converted file.

Beta Version: No warranty of any kind!

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