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PDF to Word Converter

The best web app to convert PDF to word: It will create an editable word document out of any, yes absolutely any PDF.

Docx Format supported

The converter supports the advanced .docx standard and creates compressed .docx files out of your PDFs.

PDF to DOC Conversion

Per default this converter creates .docx files out of PDFs. Want to convert a PDF to DOC? No problem! Just select our PDF to DOC converter in the toolbar and use this one instead.

OCR for scanned PDFs

No matter if your PDF contains editable text or is scanned, our converter will handle it! If your PDF is scanned our tool will convert OCR to extract the text from it.

Optimized image detection

For excellent PDF to Word conversion results this converter uses the most modern algorithms to distinguish between text and images correctly.

Privacy Protection

Your privacy is important for us. Your files will be deleted from our servers after the conversion immediately. We will not share them or even just look at them.

Do you regularly work with documents? PDF is common and the most popular format to share the documents on the internet. It supports a complex layout and is very useful for documents with images and tables and scientific documents with lots of formulas. However, it is impossible to edit a PDF file without specific software. For this purpose, Microsoft Word files (.doc, .docx) are much more convenient. You can modify everything according to your needs, add or delete information, or change the text formatting. However, it's not always easy to export the information from PDF file to a Word document. When you manually copy and paste the information, you will lose the layout and text formatting. Instead try our PDF to Word converter. It will make you convert any PDF into DOC or DOCX documents. In the following you find answers to the most common questions about our tool.

How does this converter deal with images and tables in PDFs?

The converter extracts images, tables and even math formulas from your PDF and adds them to the Word document without any losses. Therefore, the tool performs extremely well on scientific articles. As such articles have a lot of formulas and complex formatting, the converter is the best solution to work with them. In the output Word document the images and tables will be located close to their position in the original document. Most other converters on the market fail here.

Does your converter also convert scanned PDFs to Word?

Yes. No matter if your PDF was created by scanning or contains editable text: Our converter will handle it. It is able to convert any scanned PDF to Word. Furthermore, it will also detect the images in your document. Like the resulting .docx document will contain both, the text and the images from the scanned PDF. The converter uses modern algorithms including state of the art technologies of artificial intelligence in order to convert your PDF documents to Word. It will cope with even with very complex documents.

Can I convert a PDF to Doc here?

The default output format of our tool is the compact .docx format. However, any application that is able to deal with .docx files will also be able to deal with .doc. Therefore, you can just the the file created by our converter as .doc with your default word processing application in case you need to convert your PDF to .doc instead of .docx.

How do I use your PDF to Word converter?

Nothing is easier than that! Just select your PDF document and upload it to our platform by dragging it to the upload field or clicking on that box. Then wait for the conversion and you can download the converted .docx file. The whole conversion process should not take longer than 30 seconds.

Are my files save on your server?

We safely store your files: We care about privacy. All files will be permanently deleted from our servers in an hour.

For which platforms is your converter working?

Our PDF to Word converter works on all computers, whether it's Mac, Windows or Linux. In addition, it supports all the modern mobile devices. All happens in the cloud: We have a lot of servers in the cloud, with nothing left but to convert PDF to Word. Therefore, you can lean back, and let them work.

Enjoy our online PDF to Word conversion service which delivers a good result in seconds! With the help of our tool, converting files really becomes ridiculously easy. Try it and you will like it!

PDF to Word File Converter
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