Frequently Asked Questions

How can I convert a PDF to .docx?

By default, our service will provide .docx files as output since we believe it is a universal format for editable documents. Just submit your data, and our tool will start transforming it to .docx automatically.

How does this tool deal with images, equations, and tables in PDFs?

Our web-based converter extracts images, tables, and even math formulas and equations from your original file and adds them to the Word document without changing any detail. Therefore, it performs exceptionally well on scientific articles and places images and tables close to their original position in the output Word document.

Does your service also work for scanned documents?

Yes, our service is also able to deal with scanned PDFs. Besides, it detects the images in your input file. The resulting .docx file will contain both the text and the pictures from the original. The content of your document will remain the same. The only thing that changes is the format.

Is there a limit on the page number of my document?

No, currently we do not apply a limit on the file size or number of pages of the PDF you submit. Note that the conversion of large PDFs will take significantly more time to complete.

Can I convert a PDF to DOC here too?

Yes, we also offer conversions between PDF and DOC here. If you want to receive a .doc file as output, simply select this option in the navigation bar at the top-right corner of the page.

Are my uploads save on your servers?

We safely convert your files without compromising the privacy of details therein. Your privacy is important to us, which led us to decide to remove all your data from our servers permanently within 30 minutes after upload. Your identity also remains private since we do not ask you for any private data.

Is your app supported on all operating systems?

Yes. Our app works on all personal computers, regardless of whether the operating system is Mac, Windows, or Linux, and is compatible with all major web-browsers. It also supports all modern mobile devices. Since everything happens in the cloud, you can lean back and relax.