Various formats are employed when saving an application. There are many reasons behind saving an application in a certain format. Some of the most common file formats are DSC, DOCX, and PDF. Unlike the latter, the two Microsoft file formats are only available to licensed end-users, unlike PDF file format, which is open for all. PDF format traces its history in the early 1990s though it was a proprietary software till 2008 when released as an open standard. Under normal circumstances, you can convert one file format to another. PDF applications are perceived to be more secure than most other formats. As a matter of fact, many Organizations would recommend a PDF application format through the net over other formats, for instance when making job applications.

It is usually impossible to edit a PDF application unless you have a PDF editor software; else, you convert using PDF2Word. io tool. One important fact to note is that after converting the application from, say, PDF to DOCX or DOC, the initial layout is preserved.

The process of converting PDF application format to Word format usually takes but a few seconds. Interestingly, you may want to extract only a few pages of your PDF application. The good thing is that the tool will do exactly that. Therefore, the tool allows you to edit your PDF application while in DOC or DOCX format, and thereafter, you can convert back to PDF.

PDF Splitter

Currently, with the advancement of technology, there are available tools that will do the task of splitting a PDF application not only fast but also for free. To carry out this, the process is not only simple but also straight forward. The first thing to do is to open the PDF application. After opening, choose Organizations Pages and then Split. It is crucial to suggest whether you are splitting a single application file or multiple applications. Type the name of your new application and by clicking on Output Options. You can suggest the location folder where to save. To finish the process, click on the Split button and save your new application file. It is possible to suggest further "split by" from the secondary toolbar and using the drop-down menu and specify if splitting PDF is by the number of pages, maximum file size, or top-level bookmarks. The PDF splitter has enabled the extractions of unnecessary information, enabling you to save or send only what you need.

Combine PDF to one document

Besides splitting a PDF application document, you can also use a tool that enables you to combine multiple PDF application files to a single application. This is achieved by using a PDF combiner tool. This, again, is a free software enabling you to combine staggered PDF applications or even images files into one single PDF document. The tool can do all this in three steps. Click on Start, install Batch merger, and finally start combining PDF applications.

Compress PDF (many employers require small file)

Most of the applications delivered via the Internet typically require compression to save on space and bandwidth. Like other files, PDF application format may, at times, require to be compressed. One important consideration is to ensure the quality of the application is not compromised. You can drag and drop your PDF application in the box that reads, "CHOOSE FILES or drop files here." It is critical to wait for the compression to complete before downloading your already compressed application. The tool is again free to use. You can access the compress PDF utility here.

Regardless of the operation chosen, one key assurance is the security of your applications. Any used file in the server is usually deleted permanently after a short species time. This ensures the safety of your applications.


It is important first to ask ourselves, what is a PDF file? The Portable Document Format (PDF) is a document format that was developed by Adobe in 1993. The sole purpose was to present text formats and images independent of the hardware, a software application used, including the operating system. It is one format of a file that encapsulates a complete description of a document, including the fonts, text, raster images, vector graphics, and other necessary PDF information. Since 2008, PDF was standardized as ISO 32000, and its implementation no longer requires any royalties.

Although there are many methods used to edit PDF documents, there are two methods that stand out. One of the methods is to convert the PDF to Docx using a web-app. The other valuable method involves editing the PDF online using PDFVue Online PDF editor. It is crucial to point out the significance of the two methods.

Convert the PDF to Docx

If you wish to convert PDF to Word online, you only follow some fundamental procedures. It is necessary to note that PDF/A is an ISO-standard specialized archiving and long-term preservation of digital documents. The features of PDF/A are quite different from normal PDF. But what is a DOCX format? DOC format started back in the early 1990s when the first Word for MS-DOS was released. Word was the sole program that officially supported DOC files until 2006. Microsoft opened the specification, which saw the reverse engineering. Microsoft has a long history of using and saving files in DOC format, considering that MS-Word was the standard word processor between1990s and early 2000s. In 2007, Microsoft Office updated its format to DOCX, which consequently changed its default save. This introduction of Office Open XML (DOCX) came about due to pressure from competition of the free and open-source, Open Office and Open Document Format (ODF) competitor. This push resulted in developing the DOCX file format and PPTX for presentations and XLSX for spreadsheets. The additional X at the end of DOC stands for the Office Open XML standard. Nevertheless, not all of Word’s advanced functions are supported.
It is quite simple to convert a PDF file document to other formats like DOCX. All you have to do while in is to choose the PDF file you want to convert. You can also drag and drop your PDF file on the upload box. When you click on the open button, the file is quickly converted to DOCX format. To view the DOCX file, click on the download button when the conversion is done. This enables you to edit your file with ease.

Editing the PDF online using PDFVue Online PDF editor

The alternative method is to use another free online tool using PDFVue Online PDF editor developed by Docudesk. Though this Web-based productivity tool may be a beta version or release, its features include creating and filling out forms, viewing, commenting, annotating existing PDFS, and sharing & collaborating on documents. The ability to rotate pages within the PDF and delete are additional functionalities of the PDFVue Online PDF editor. Like many other tools, PDFVue as an online PDF editor is supported by various browsers, including Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. You can upload PDF files either directly or import the file from a web address. Note that Firefox extension redirects PDFs, enabling annotation and viewing within the browser. PDFVue Typewriter Tool is important as it allows text to be added to any PDF. As a result, it allows created forms without fillable fields to be filled, including enabling documents scanned without Optical Character Recognition or Optical character Reader (OCR). Some of the available annotation tools include Sticky Notes, Drawing tools, Page deletion/rotation, Typewriter tool, and Hyperlinks (to pages within the PDF itself or other sites). For further information on PDFVue as an online PDF editor, please visit the available Wikipedia articles about PDFVue.

There are different file formats used for documentation. Among the main file format include document file (.doc), Adobe portable file (.pdf), and .docx among others. It is crucial to note that DOC is a document format typically used by Microsoft Word with DOCX as its successor. Unlike DOC, DOCX creates smaller and less corruptible files besides its efficiency.

As history may tell it, the use of DOC format ranges from way back in the early 1990s when the first Word for MS-DOS was released. Until 2006, Word was the only program that officially supported DOC files. Later Microsoft opened the specification which saw the reverse engineering. MS-Word was the standard word processor between1990s and early 2000s. Therefore, Microsoft has a long history of using and saving files in DOC format. In the year 2007, Microsoft Office was updated and consequently MS- Word version changed its default save format to DOCX. The introduction of Office Open XML (DOCX) came about due to pressure from competition of the free and open-source Open Office and Open Document Format (ODF) competitor. This push gave birth to the development of the DOCX file format together with PPTX for presentations and XLSX for spreadsheets. The additional X at the end of DOC standing for the Office Open XML standard. Besides the open documentation and the updated DOC format, not all of Word’s advanced functions are supported.

This new release standard was presented under the name Office Open XML with its format based on Extensible Markup Language contrary to the old, inefficient binary-based format. Several benefits came along with the new standard, namely, small file sizes, better looking compressed images and less corruptible files. For the older versions to read the new version, compatibility updates were released by Microsoft. The DOCX file format has indeed become the new standard and a worthy choice for almost every word processor situation. The format can create, lighter files easier to transfer and read. It is possible to convert a DOC file format to DOCX file format.

In the early 1990s, as Microsoft was busy developing MS-Word for DOS, Adobe Systems was also introducing the Portable Document Format (PDF) at the Windows and OS/2 conference. This format remained proprietary until 2008 when it was released as an open standard. PDF was mainly developed to share documents among computer users. These documents include text formatting and inline images. Its adoption was, however, slow since Adobe Acrobat used for reading and creating PDF files was not available freely. Moreover, the early versions of PDF did not support external hyperlinks hence were not useful on the internet, besides its large size compared to plain text format.

How to convert Word to PDF online

In order to use word to pdf converter online, the first thing is to select the Word file you wish to convert to PDF. It is also possible to drag and drop the Word file on the specified position of the PDF converter. For a drug and drop method, the conversion takes place almost instantly. However, if you selected the Word file, you need to select the 'convert' button. If there is a need, you can compress, modify or edit your file further. Upon finishing the conversion, click on the 'download' button to save the new PDF file. It is crucial to note that regardless of the operating system used, Word docs to PDF are converted. For privacy, all files are permanently deleted from the online server one hour after the conversion. You can use the Word to PDF Converter online to instantly convert DOCX files in PDF format. Notably, there are no file size limits introduced or watermarks.


The world today has evolved from analog to digital. Just a click of a button now simplifies most of the tasks. The use of systems like computers, mobile phones, among other devices, is the simplest way to demonstrate online work. Optical character recognition has a rich history dating back to the 1920s. This tool was developed by a physicist Emanuel Goldberg who invented the machine capable of reading characters and converting them into telegraph codes. The old versions required training with images of each character and unfortunately worked on one font at a time. Currently, OCR can convert images of typed, printed, or handwritten text into machine-coded text. A high degree of recognition accuracy for most fonts are now common with advanced systems. Moreover, this tool is also widely used in data entry, especially in passport documents and bank statements production.

This tremendous usage of systems has increased production and profits in almost equal measure. As a way of communication, the devices used must contain software that enables users to communicate and mitigate the risk of losing data, useful information, or resource.

One of the most widely used application is Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Typically, most of us are limited by the number of languages that we can confidently use to communicate effectively. This limitation is a barrier to effective working across a broad spectrum. With the use of online OCR, this has become easy. Over 46 languages, including Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, German, Afrikaans, are supported. Besides, Online OCR can convert a scanned PDF and images like JPG, TIFF BMP, and GIF into versions that can be edited with ease.

To recognize text from images, one needs to select the source like your device or the net and drag it on the page. After dragging it, select the languages used and chose the desired output language and format. After selecting, all you need to do is click on the convert or recognize button. One of the most important things to note is that you need not download and install the software on your device. All you need is to work on the online software. This makes the cost of working to low and hence increase profits. You can convert from one language to another makes working with foreign languages easier and enhance workflow. There is no greater joy than to know that all communication channels are open within the workplace and even beyond. Another crucial thing to note is that there is no registration required with online OCR; neither are download limited. These facts sound too good to be true. The fact of the matter is that your data is not only secure but also safe. Moreover, all your files will be removed from the server when you are done.

Interestingly, online OCR is capable of recognizing mathematical equations besides multi-language recognition. In a situation where the pages are poorly photographed or scanned, online OCR still supports low-resolution images. By all means, this makes the online OCR a wonderful tool in speeding up your workflow.

It is also important to note that you can display and process the results in different ways. These include publishing online, editing in Google Docs, copying to clipboard, and downloading as an ordinary file. With the array of these results or output, you have more than what you bargained for using Online OCR. Online OCR creates an exceptional working environment that enhances productivity.

Our PDF to Word converter applies online OCR and allows you to easily export PDF to Word or plain text, among others.


There are various tools used to convert PDF to word online. This depends on the user preference and the extent to which they wish to use a specific tool. One of the best converter software available for free is known as the It provides several tools to execute the operations. This article will describe some of these tools and how they operate to ensure proper conversion of PDF files to the document in question.

Merge PDF

This is a tool used to combine multiple PDF files into one document. It does not require one to sign up because it's available online. It's a secure tool to use that give any user confidence. For instance, after uploading the document for merging, it will permanently delete from the server in one hour. The tool works well with all the available operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Mac. Since the servers process the documents using the cloud, any PDF created and merged will not use your computer's capacity storage, enhancing reliability and user-friendliness.

Compress PDF

Compress PDF is a tool used to reduce the size of one's PDF files to an extent of 144 dpi and generate perfect quality results that can be uploaded concisely to the web or even when using the email. The tool enhances 100% security by deleting all the information uploaded within one hour of its activity. An authorized party can access no data during and after the upload.

Besides, it’s very easy to compress the file and it’s compatible with a variety of operating systems, including Mac, Windows, and Linux. The compression process is also very simple. You only need to drag and drop the PDF file in the box and give it a few minutes to compress.
A message will appear that the compression is complete and provide the option for download.

Split PDF

The split tool is used to divide the PDF files or pages into smaller pieces than the original document. The tool operates as a two-click separation process where one can split the file as needed, for instance, picking selected pages from the document and extracting them simultaneously. The fact that the tool is compatible with different operating systems makes it easy for many people to use it and get quality results. It's also an affordable online software compared to other premium software and does not use any of your computer storage capacity. This is because the process is carried out using cloud, whether splitting, extracting, or deleting any document.

Word to PDF

This is one of the best and free online tools under to work with word online. The user will only be required to have the files supported by (DOC, DOCX, or ODT) to enable conversion. One will only need to drag the file to the conversion drop box and wait for the conversion to take place automatically. Once complete, a message will alert you and give you the option to download the new PDF document.

PDF Password Protect

The Password protect tool is used to secure PDF documents with passwords such that no unauthorized personnel can access any of your files. When choosing a password, it's important to restrict usage per the options given, such as restricting from printing, modifying, or copying any content until authorized.

The process is an easy one and requires the user to upload the file in the dropbox, enter the Password of choice and repeat it for confirmation.

It will prompt for the restrictions on what to use a password once more. When all this information is inputted, the process starts by clicking start, and the Password protection is effected.

Working with PDF online has many advantages; some of them is that most of the tools used are extremely free, secure, and have a high accuracy level.


Word processing is the art of creating or editing a document using a word processor system such as google documents, Microsoft Word, OpenOffice Writer, and many more. The information is processed, printed, or saved in a disk to communicate later. A word processor has many uses including sending an email to a prospecting client, preparing a resume when searching for a job, and the list is endless. A good word processor will help generate unique results. Any person in the digital world would love such results instead of the traditional word processors, which used to be prepared by secretaries using a typewriter. Below is a list of word processing applications that are used in 2020 to generate exceptional results.

1. Office Word Online Are you looking for a free word program? One will only be required to log in to the internet and get a download. It's an easy and free application that requires one to open a Microsoft account to be in a position to use it. This application will not have ads pop-ups now and then, and you will have a clean user interface. It has similar features to the normal Word app and will help one create any word related documents to the end. 2. FocusWriter. FocusWriter is an alternative application to Microsoft Word. As much as it does not involve much of editing, it essentially gives the user a friendly environment with no distractions while working and generating your reports in a considerable time. It is important to note that its toolbars are hidden, but once you use the mouse to the far edge of the screen, they are viewable. Moving the mouse pointer also gives the user a blank page to type all the texts with ease. It also has a focused Text Function that pushes the rest of the text to the background, with the exception of the paragraph that one is using.

3. Google Docs Google docs is a popular application and has been rated highly in the entire world because of its performance. It was invented by one of the world’s biggest search engine company and has given exceptional performance for more than a decade. The main reason it’s highly rated is its appealing and great performance even though it's a web app. It comes with different templates for documents, including MS Word documents.

4. Dropbox Paper When looking for an application with the cleanest interface, dropbox paper is the best application developed by a famous cloud drive company. So far, it’s an application that is reliable compared to tons of other available apps because of its unique UI. Among the best features include;

  • Easy accessibility of control when adding videos, images, and any drop files
  • Minimalistic and efficient user interface
  • It has a dedicated option that adds code snippets precisely.

5. Grammarly Another unique application, mostly used by writers, editors as a writing enhancement tool. It highlights any grammatical mistakes and notes on any areas that need improvement to submit a well-thought document.

Besides, it offers non-native English users a platform to improve their grammar and perfect their writing styles.
It easily works with every type of website and detects contextual mistakes.

You can convert most of these documents into a format of choice. For instance, have you ever wondered if you could convert PDF to Word? This is how to do it.

  • Step 1: Log in to a PDF2Word and drag or drop your PDF document on the upload box.
  • Step 2: A message will appear that the "conversion to Docx will start now and should not take longer than 30 minutes."
  • Step 3: A “Done” prompt will appear. Press download and get an instant word document ready.


When you want to convert your files from one format to another, you have two choices. Either you can use an online file converter, or you can download a standalone application. Apart from these two methods, there are no convenient, safe, hassle-free, and free options available to select from.

Among both of these two methods, using an online file converter is highly recommended to people who want to convert their files from one format to another for different purposes. This is because using an online converter can provide you with a large number of benefits and advantages. You will surely love what you are being provided with at the end of the day. Here are some interesting reasons to choose online file converters. These reasons would convince you to use the best online file converter as well. No need to install any application on your computer or mobile phones

When you choose an online file converter, you will not be forced to download and install any applications on your computer. You must have faced the hassle of downloading and installing files on your computer or mobile phones. It does not only consume space in your computer but also you have to go through a lengthy process as well. In most cases, you want to get a single file converted. In such a situation, downloading and installing a tool is not something that you want to consider. In addition, you should know the credibility of the file that you download and install on your system. If you download it from an unreliable source, there is a chance of any malware to get installed on your system. In such a situation, you have to face a lot of hassle to get it removed. On the other hand, by using an online converter, you can avoid such hassle and get the desired outcome in a few seconds.

You can easily share the files

Sometimes, you want to convert the files and share with others. In such cases, using an online converter is the most effective option to do so. When you use an app to convert the file, you need to go through several hassles of uploading them to a cloud storage platform and share. Or, you need to send it via email.

On the other hand, when you use an online file converter, there is no need to go through such a process. This is because online converters have the ability to share the files that are being converted. You can directly share the links as soon as the process of conversion is completed.

Privacy When you choose online file converters take all steps to ensure the security of the files you upload. However, you are still submitting your data to a remote server. Therefore, you should not submit data which contains confidential or critical data.

Are you seeking the best online file converter to convert Word to PDF free? Simply choose PDF2WORD and enjoy


The sizes of files and documents, especially for PDF, TIFF and JPEG files, are growing exponentially. Organizations are storing more data than ever. There are several document image databases that can be used to store data; however, they are slow to transmit and are becoming quite expensive. Thanks to PDF compression tools, it becomes easier to compress a PDF so that you can share and store it more easily.

To compress an image, a file or a document means to make it use less space and maintain the image quality. How to get compressed an image or document? To begin, just create PDF files. Converting image file formats to PDF can solve those file size problems. With the help of PDF compression tools, the size of the file can be compressed and reduced. There are so many benefits of compressing or reducing PDF file sizes. If you have PDF documents generated from scanned images, the sizes can be extremely large, making their transmission difficult. Thanks to these tools, you can easily compress the PDF files and cut down on download and upload times along with storage requirements. Top Benefits of Reducing PDF File Size

Faster Emailing: One of the best advantages of these tools is that because of the compressed file size, you can easily email and transmit the documents across the company.

Save storage: When the file size is reduced, the requirements of storage automatically go down. With this tool, you can cut down on storage needs by as much as 10 or 100 times.

Searchable text: PDF compression tools not only accomplish PDF reduce, but also create searchable text via OCR. It means you can search for portions of text within a PDF document that makes it more user-friendly as well as accessible. Documents in bulk: If you have multiple documents that you need to compress and convert through OCR, you can use these tools to accomplish this. In addition to the same, you can compress hundreds or even thousands of PDF files as well as create searchable text within the files.

Fewer server loads: With the help of these tools, the file size is compressed dramatically. It also enhances the overall upload and download times. It also relieves the load on the server and increases efficiency.

Document archiving: These tools offer rendering files in PDA and PDF formats. They also allow you to archive the files without any hassle.

Search engine results: With the help of these tools, you can create searchable text inside a PDF file. It also shows that search engines will index your documents as well as files faster on the internet.

Data retention: One of the best advantages is in its ability to retain all the data in the original file.

How to Compress PDF File Size?

If you want to compress pdf file free, simply use PDF2WORD.

  • Step 1: Simply click on the upload box and choose the PDF you want to compress.
  • Step 2: Wait for the compression to finish. It will take a few seconds.
  • Step 3: Click on the “Download” to retrieve the result. This online tool will inform you about the compression level reached.

This web-based app can compress almost any PDF by a factor of up to 90%. This app is 100% free. No page limitations. No hidden costs. The best thing is you do not have to download and install any additional software on your device. Talking about privacy, your PDF files will be deleted from servers after the conversion immediately. No one will share them or just look at them.


Suppose Word, Excel or any other similar document is needed to be sent over the internet. In that case, there are several reasons why it is necessary to convert them into a PDF file. Among the benefits of this, the data format is a uniform presentation and limited editing options. However, it is not important to send the overall PDF, free splitting tools can help you to quickly and conveniently export parts of a PDF.

Why is PDF Splitting needed? There are several reasons for separating a PDF document. With documents that contain a number of pages, saving separated pages provide more clarity. This feature is necessary when specific parts of the file are not intended for the reader. Moreover, it is an easy way to not have to remove certain pages from a file. After completing the separation process, the PDF file contains the desired pages which are sent the normal manner.

What are the free online tools available to separate a PDF?

There are a number of paid tools available for editing documents. However, there are several free alternatives that provide separate PDF pages and other features. These tools are easily available online. There are plenty of benefits of choosing these free online tools for splitting PDF pages. Take a look at some of the advantages of choosing the right online split pdf free tool:

  1. Web application: This is the web application tool that split up any PDF document into single pages within a few seconds. Afterwards, you can easily download a ZIP archive that contains all pages of the PDF file.
  2. Extract complete page ranges: It is possible to extract overall page ranges right from a large PDF. All you need to do is to define
  3. Privacy protection: Your privacy is the main concern. Your PDF documents will be deleted from the servers immediately after the conversion. They will not share them or just look at them.
  4. Unlimited manipulations: One of the most attractive features is that this tool is 100% free. There is no page limitation and no hidden charges as well.
  5. Suitable for all devices: This tool helps you to split PDF files from any device or gadget. Whether you prefer to upload your documents from your laptop, smartphone or iPad, you can easily use this tool without any hassle.
  6. No software downloaded: There is no need to download and install any additional software on your device using this online PDF splitter tool.
  7. Privacy protection: Your privacy is the main concern. Your PDF documents will be deleted from the servers immediately after the conversion. They will not share them or just look at them.

How to Split PDF Document Online Free?

  • Step 1: Choose the file you want to split
  • Step 2: Click ‘Split’ and then enter the start and end page number for the range to be extracted
  • Step 3: Press the ‘Submit’ button, and the result will show up in few seconds

No matter the reason, you can easily split the PDF file and acquire the desired outcome. This tool is available for free. However, there is no warranty of any kind. With the help of this converter, you agree to upload your PDF file to a remote server temporarily. Simply choose a reliable online platform to find the right free PDF split tool and get your split documents without any hassle.


There is a reason business has been booming for years; however, automated ebook conversions take big time. Although we cannot deny the fact that the automation does save countless hours of manual labor. The main concern is until PDF to Word converters adopt a good artificial intelligence algorithm, a human being is needed to cross-check the overall document and makes corrections where a computer cannot. Here, in this post, you will understand what you need to know when converting your PDF file into a Word document.

PDF to Word

You generally convert PDF to Word document occasionally and never faced any problem. In this case, the PDF files you are working with are made from editable document files with less advanced layout features and not all PDF files made from scanned images. When you save your Word file as a PDF file, there is a few chances of data loss, meaning that reverse conversion from that PDF to Word will still have some problems, but these problems are not too difficult to address; hence, it provides painless experience. However, creating a PFD from the scanned book is similar to taking pictures of each page. In order to understand the image as text, optical character recognition software is required on the image to interpret the image as text.

Proofing PDF to Word Conversion

Now you have your Word document that was created from a PFD; you need to consider some points. However, reading every word in the document just to ensure it is correct is challenging. If you tried to scan hundreds of books for free public access, the level of proofing could be an overkill, but if you are selling online, you owe it to readers to ensure that they are buying books with no errors.

Look for incorrect words: OCR and the standard PDF to Word conversion algorithm can misinterpret two letters close to each other that generally look like another letter. For instance, “Li” looks like “U”. Once you find such errors, it might be worth to do a global search and replace. Fix line breaks: PDF to Work converters do not know where line breaks are supposed to go and to put them in places where they are not needed. One of the best ways to fix it is by turning on the show invisible options or change the font size.

Fix hyphenated words: If words are hyphenated, the PDF to Word software does not know of the hyphen is needed to be there or not, so keeps it.

Multiple spaces issues: You will find words that are separated by multiple spaces in the document. To fix it, use find and replace. Start with finding 20 spaces and replace them with one space, then 19, and then 18, and so on. Keep these tips in mind when converting PDF file to a Word document. If you are looking for a reliable online pdf to doc converter, look no further than PDF2WORD. This is one of the best online platforms to create an editable Word document our in the .docx format of any PDF. There is no upload or file size limitation. The app is 100% free to use. There is no need to pay any charge. There are no hidden charges. No sign-up is required. Just drag your file and convert a PDF to a Word document in a few seconds.

Fix hyphenated words: If words are hyphenated, the PDF to Word software does not know of the hyphen is needed to be there or not, so keeps it.

Multiple spaces issues: You will find words that are separated by multiple spaces in the document. To fix it, use find and replace. Start with finding 20 spaces and replace them with one space, then 19, and then 18, and so on.

Keep these tips in mind when converting PDF file to a Word document. If you are looking for a reliable online PDF to DOC converter, look no further than PDF2WORD. This is one of the best online platforms to create an editable Word document our in the .docx format of any PDF. There is no upload or file size limitation. The app is 100% free to use. There is no need to pay any charge. There are no hidden charges. No sign-up is required. Just drag your file and convert a PDF to a Word document in a few seconds.