The 5 Best Word Processing Applications in 2020

Word processing is the art of creating or editing a document using a word processor system such as google documents, Microsoft Word, OpenOffice Writer, and many more. The information is processed, printed, or saved in a disk to communicate later. A word processor has many uses including sending an email to a prospecting client, preparing a resume when searching for a job, and the list is endless. A good word processor will help generate unique results. Any person in the digital world would love such results instead of the traditional word processors, which used to be prepared by secretaries using a typewriter. Below is a list of word processing applications that are used in 2020 to generate exceptional results.

1. Office Word Online Are you looking for a free word program? One will only be required to log in to the internet and get a download. It's an easy and free application that requires one to open a Microsoft account to be in a position to use it. This application will not have ads pop-ups now and then, and you will have a clean user interface. It has similar features to the normal Word app and will help one create any word related documents to the end. 2. FocusWriter. FocusWriter is an alternative application to Microsoft Word. As much as it does not involve much of editing, it essentially gives the user a friendly environment with no distractions while working and generating your reports in a considerable time. It is important to note that its toolbars are hidden, but once you use the mouse to the far edge of the screen, they are viewable. Moving the mouse pointer also gives the user a blank page to type all the texts with ease. It also has a focused Text Function that pushes the rest of the text to the background, with the exception of the paragraph that one is using.

3. Google Docs Google docs is a popular application and has been rated highly in the entire world because of its performance. It was invented by one of the world’s biggest search engine company and has given exceptional performance for more than a decade. The main reason it’s highly rated is its appealing and great performance even though it's a web app. It comes with different templates for documents, including MS Word documents.

4. Dropbox Paper When looking for an application with the cleanest interface, dropbox paper is the best application developed by a famous cloud drive company. So far, it’s an application that is reliable compared to tons of other available apps because of its unique UI. Among the best features include;

  • Easy accessibility of control when adding videos, images, and any drop files
  • Minimalistic and efficient user interface
  • It has a dedicated option that adds code snippets precisely.

5. Grammarly Another unique application, mostly used by writers, editors as a writing enhancement tool. It highlights any grammatical mistakes and notes on any areas that need improvement to submit a well-thought document.

Besides, it offers non-native English users a platform to improve their grammar and perfect their writing styles.
It easily works with every type of website and detects contextual mistakes.

You can convert most of these documents into a format of choice. For instance, have you ever wondered if you could convert PDF to Word? This is how to do it.

  • Step 1: Log in to a PDF2Word and drag or drop your PDF document on the upload box.
  • Step 2: A message will appear that the "conversion to Docx will start now and should not take longer than 30 minutes."
  • Step 3: A “Done” prompt will appear. Press download and get an instant word document ready.